Our Core Values

Everything we do here at New Age Christianity is filtered through these Core Values. From how we operate with our co-workers on one of the many projects our community has decided to tackle, to interacting with our members through comments and teachings and dealing with the teachers we promote, these values are the major factor behind the culture that we want to be known for. Yes, these values greatly influence our content as well, but more than anything they are what we want to communicate when dealing with actual PEOPLE. If, at any time, you feel that your interaction with New Age Christianity as not properly reflected these Core Values, please Contact Us and share your experience with us.

Individual Honor

Our passion is to elevate and celebrate ALL people. Understanding that every person carries the likeness of God within them, and inherently carries the individual purpose and passions of such an identity; we desire to build a culture that is centered on helping each person become fully themselves.

Beliefs Matter

As co-creators with God, we understand that reality is a result of the beliefs held by those who have shaped it. We also understand that reality can only change if its supporting beliefs change first. From this, we know that ALL perceived “problems” are simply a PERFECT reflection of their supporting beliefs, and thus true “problem solving” begins by addressing beliefs.

Optimistic Expectations

We believe that optimism for a corporate and personal future is an accurate perspective of what is to come. All of human history and the principles of creation itself have proven the continuous expansion of our existence, and we expect more of the same.

Relational Generosity

We know that to effectively change culture, the value of others is imperative. Refusing to replace a need for understanding, with a need for agreement, we do not see unity as uniformity. Beyond tolerating difference, we understand difference, allowing everyone to grow and become an intentional creator.

Felt Rest

Rest is not a moment, it is a way of living. A heart at rest is more productive, provides more value, generates more honor, and creates more powerfully than an entire army of stressed out soldiers following orders. Rest is what New Age Christianity FEELS like for those who belong to it. This means that every project we undertake is governed by rest, and every member of New Age Christianity team is invited to let rest govern them.

Creators Only

Mankind is made in the image and likeness of God, and God is a creator. Just as it is impossible for God to be non-creative, it is impossible for man to be non-creative. We constantly create. Whether it be darkness or light, good or evil, love or fear; we create these realities without end. This is why we have chosen to create a New Culture instead of creating the destruction of an old one.

Value Excellence

We do all things with excellence, understanding that 80% of the VALUE in any project is achieved by 20% of the actual work. We strive to provide such value above overall “perfectionism”. Excellence without value is wasted life. Value that is done with excellence is true fulfillment.

Teamwork Productivity

We know that teamwork is the secret of every great undertaking. In order to change the world through the creation of a NEW culture, New Age Christianity is built on the power of exponential productivity brought about by teams operating with individual honor and relational generosity.