Our Story

If you want to get to know the leadership of this organization on a personal level, this story and our Core Values have been fashioned as if you were to sit down with us and hear our hearts for people and the world. We hope our story inspires you and makes you feel like you are part of something bigger, with a tangible vision for moving humanity into the next phase of its manifestation as the body of God.


- To CREATE a NEW Culture -

Like many organizations around today, we want to play our part in making the world a better place. While valid and worthy undertakings may attempt to do this through technology, politics, media or social justice; we believe all of these types of efforts point to the fact that LASTING CHANGE is ultimately brought about by a change in CULTURE.

However, because of the Core Values that we hold, we recognize that assuming the role of ‘changing’ a culture automatically places us in a position of dishonoring many of the people that have brought us the culture we currently have, and thus, goes against a major aspect of the character that we desire to operate in. As such, we had to ask ourselves, “Is our passion really about trying to ‘change’ our culture, or are we actually attempting to creating a NEW one?” This is a subtle shift that makes ALL the difference in how we interact with the world around us.


- Aligning ourselves to the PRINCIPLES of Creation and the Creative Process in the Individual -
  1. A NEW culture is created by individual CREATORS.
  2. Individual creators are created by new beliefs.
  3. New beliefs are created when people hear and understand better messages than the ones they already know.

This is how New Age Christianity plans to play our part in moving the world forward. By fostering a deeper understanding of the creative process in the individual and illuminating each person's own 'I Am-ness' in God, our goal is to train 'co-creators' in this physical realm. As more and more members awaken to their true identity as God's body, this reality quickly moves beyond simply an individual effort and quickly becomes a many-membered movement of passionate intentionality. 


- A Virtual CHURCH with a Common Culture -

Creating a NEW culture by fostering the Creative Process in the Individual is an idea built upon multiple understandings:

  • Humanity is the physical body of God. As humanity wakes up into the reality of who and what we are, God himself is experiencing His own existence in a new way. This is why we were created. The Illusion of Separation is not a lie that humanity can afford to live underneath any longer. 
  • As the body of God, we have been given the tools to be just as creative as the original God (Father). All of creation is waiting for us to figure out that we are the creators in this physical realm, and that we create best when we work in tandem with the Father. Your creative 'tool' is your BELIEFS. 
  • Your life is a PERFECT reflection of YOUR beliefs. Every detail of your life, the good and the bad, has been created by you. The Illusion of Chance is not a lie that humanity can afford to live underneath any longer.
  • We have 100% TRUST in the fact that YOUR SPIRIT is your best teacher, and thus, we have NO desire to ‘police’ what people are learning. For each one of us to become a manifested Son of God we must trust the Spirit to lead us on our own path, and believe the same for others.
  • Personal growth happens in MULTIPLE ways at ALL times in our lives. As such, you will find that this virtual church discusses any topic that matters to life. 

Based on these understandings, our heart is for you to know that you are not expected to fit a particular mold or subculture, but rather follow your own spirit on your own journey. The universe is literally waiting for its redemption through YOU.

We believe that if given enough time and room to grow, this type of culture can actually become a NEW way of doing things on all levels, and thus, a NEW culture in and of itself. This is one of the main reasons we've decided to build a virtual church that can be connected by its culture, not its geography. In the last age geography was what determined one's culture. In the new age ideas and beliefs are no longer limited to where you grew up, and thus, culture is no longer determined the same way. This is the perfect opportunity in human history to start a new culture in every corner of the globe, and conversely begin effecting change wherever that culture goes. 

NOTE: When we say a Virtual 'CHURCH', we mean 'Ecclesia', not 'Koinonia'. In other words, we're not just building a fellowship, we're building a governmental body to govern the physical realm.


- Online AND In Person -

While the majority of New Age Christianity is virtual/digital online, we also understand that personal connection is still a MAJOR part of the human experience. For this reason we schedule regular gatherings around the world: conferences, retreats, training summits, classes, etc. As more our members find themselves operating with the creative process and the Father's heart, these in-person gatherings will increase in frequency.


- At the END of One Age, and the BEGINNING of Another -

Perhaps the most important belief we hold at New Age Christianity, is the fact that our “job” as humans in this universe is to CONTINUE the creative work that God began so many ages ago. Meaning:

  • We do have behaviors as a human race that need to be addressed so that we can improve our relationship with creation, but we are not here just ‘messing’ everything up so God has to come back and fix it all… again.
  • We do have a place in a spiritual realm as multifaceted beings, but we are not in the physical by accident and (by default) really ‘belong’ in another world. Heaven is our home just as much as the physical universe is.
  • Many things look to be getting ‘worse’ as we are coming to the end of an AGE, but the world is not coming to its ‘end’ as a whole.

Given the very nature of what we do at New Age Christianity and the many projects we have embarked on, we are extremely aware of the issues facing our world today. Still, while many people today believe that the world is coming to an end and it’s the devil’s job to gain control, we believe that there is still so much more to be done. Because we are in a unique time in human history, dynamic and lasting changes are occurring at record pace in every part of our existence. This change of pace has never been so statistically tracked (science), globally communicated (media), and frequently observed (internet) as it is in our time. And while it may ‘feel’ like everything is getting worse and worse, the reality is simply that things are drastically CHANGING on EVERY level, and that change is certainly bringing an ‘end’ to the way humanity has operated for the last 2000 years. This same type of massive shift has happened multiple times in recorded history (every 2000 years or so), but this is the first time is has been so easily seen by the entire planet.

Our passion at New Age Christianity is to work with this change as opposed to fighting it. Hence, we're building a Virtual Church instead of one that meets in a building.


- People of HONOR with HOPE for the Future -

For those who recognize that the world is ever changing and want to actively participate in positively shaping those changes, New Age Christianity is a community where they belong. A community that does not desire to segregate or control its members. A community that doesn’t define its existence by who’s in or who’s out. A community of generous relationships and individual honor.

If this sounds like you… welcome to the New Age of Christianity.