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This synopsis was copied from Ronnie's website, Ronnie is one of our favorite communicators on this subject, and we are so thankful to know him. Thanks for sharing Stardust with us Ronnie!

STARDUST | The Astrological Story of the Bible

I’ve spent the last several years of my life studying, exploring, researching and asking a lot of questions about life, religion, spirituality, humanity and the subject of God. Being raised homeschooled–evangelical--pentecostal–I, like many of you, had my own (and still do) love/hate relationship with it. For myself and others, the God and tradition and explanations handed down were too small, and often de-tached from actual life. So we’ve seen a movement, a growth, a spirit, a mass of people wanting a different God, or, to see God differently–and that’s what we’ll cover in this workshop.

Through mythology, astrology, history, language, science, and philosophy, I’ve come to see that the human story-the god story-is much bigger and broader and more inclusive and universal than my tradition ever explained. It’s more beautiful and more life giving and just flat out BIGGER.

This is more of a lecture or history lesson than a sermon; with a big white board (my favorite) and hundreds of slides. I’m going to share with you a new story full of hidden and unknown information that underlies every religion and culture, and spans all continents. We’ll start in Genesis 1:1 and completely rewrite the story, bringing in facets from the Science of Egypt, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Alchemy, Hebrew Language, Kaballah, Jewish Mysticism, The Mayans, Aztecs–to see that the faith and picture of God Abraham, Solomon, and many of the the patriarchs carried, looks much different than what we’ve come to know it today.

A good word for it is ‘Syncretism.’ God is one–and also many. Some would call it the “silver lining that runs through all cultures and histories and languages and religions.” And once you see it, it’s everywhere, and I want to show/share it with you.

I love the Hindu word for Namaste; I bow to the divine in you. Much of my learning has brought me to a starting place of seeing all people and all elements of this world of matter as divine and infused with blessing and goodness–no matter how it looks. So I start there.

Stardust is a remix.

See, as you’ll come to see, the Bible was written in the stars, and still is. Without the codex of the stars, almost every story is misinterpreted. They are jewels. Some of the greatest truths lie hidden in them, and though preached a thousand times, often the real message goes right on by, unnoticed.

I promise you, you’ll see our human origins, our present state, and our future, in a more positive and exciting and live giving light than ever before.

It’s face paced, loaded with more info any human should absorb in 4 hours, let alone a week or a month. It’s 5 years of my study crammed into one session. I know it’s a lot, but it’s important to me to give you this snapshot/overview of what I’ve found.

What we’ll go over will excite some people. Some make comments like, “I’ve always wondered about xyz.” Or, “That makes so much sense now!” Those people have probably been thinking and stretching and asking big questions for a while now, so the new information is more readily accepted, because they’re looking.

For others it will flat out scare them. Because it removes the foundation of the story you’ve built your life on. This is not intentional, just a by-product of the information given. It leaves some people asking questions like, “Well then if that’s not what, or who God is, or was, or said…then what?” And that brings me to my next point.

Stardust is not designed to give you new absolutes. But it will absolutely give you new pictures, new ideas, new understandings, and hopefully–new questions.

If Stardust excites you and sets you free, awesome!

If it scares you and shakes the foundations of some of your beliefs, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you, but it is still very good for you.

Above all, I hope it helps you ask questions, opens you up to see our history, our future, our world religions, our Gods, our fellow brothers, and most importantly–ourselves–in a better and more beautiful light.

It’s scary to present this much information, to put yourself out there. But last time I did it, it filled me with so much energy, the weeks leading up to it and the ones following, that I felt like a kid again, and I like that. And I think you’ll like this too, because I do. This stuff makes me come alive. It’s exciting, intriguing, thought provoking, heretical, holy, scientific and spiritual, all at the same time. I have so much fun doing this. I’m not a preacher. I have no moral agendas to prove or petitions to sign or people to convert. Other than–inviting people to something bigger. And who doesn’t want that, right? 🙂

Thanks for reading all of this! And please bring a friend.

I’ll see you there!

Much love,


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