Spiritual Fathering #1: The Values of the Kingdom – Tony Fitzgerald

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Tony Fitzgerald was the guest speaker at Jamie Englehart's annual conference in 2017. Christopher Teasdale and I both attended, and what Tony shared with us over the course of 5 sessions absolutely changed our lives.

The reality of spiritual family and spiritual "fathering" is often ignored in the Church, and the state of the Church is often a negative reflection of this neglect. In this first session of the series, Tony gives us the foundational VALUES of the family of God. He doesn't pretend to have a perfect method for spiritual fathering, but he does eloquently lay out the values of fathering and any methods must come out of. As he says, "Structures are many, values are few. Structures change often, values rarely do."

As a side note... If this message (and rest of the series) speaks to you as much as it did to Christopher and I, please know that this is a major intention behind HOW New Age Christianity intends to build a world-changing community, and we'd love to speak with you about it in more detail as needed.

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