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Understand the Type of Community We Are

Hope For the Future

We are a community that believes that humanity and the physical realm are here to stay. The world is not coming to an end. Satan is not supposed to take over so Jesus can come to save the world again. We have hope for the future because the Kingdom of Heaven showed up 2000 years ago, and we are here to play our part in bringing it to Earth. The sooner the Church realizes its place is here, the sooner the Kingdom will come.

Equal Honor for All

We believe the Father views all nations, races, and individuals as part of Himself. As such, we hold the view that there are no “favored” groups or “non-favored” groups. While each person can certainly choose to operate within the principles of light and love (a.k.a. God) or not, there is no such thing as “favor” in our belief system. Where does that leave us when it comes to dealing with people we disagree with? Honor.

Humanity is the Point

The physical realm is our home. We are not here to take a ‘test’, die, get graded, and then enter into eternal manifestation of our success or failure. Heaven and/or hell are not the point. Being the physical body of God is the point. Without our bodies, God has no physical existence. A God with no physical existence is a God who is no longer everywhere. Our bodies are His body. Through us He lives and moves in this realm.


Understand Some of the Core Ideas the Inspire Us

Beliefs, Life Change, and The Creative Process

Epigenetics and Life

-Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief

-Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Psychology of Change

-Dr. Rob Williams

Your Invisible Power

-Genevieve Behrend

Business, Money, and Global Issues

Start With Why

-Simon Sinek

Hidden Secrets of Money

-Mike Maloney

History, Destiny, and Fate

-Dr. Gregg Braden

A New Way of "Work"

-Brian Robertson

Preterism, End Times, and The Ages

A Fresh Look at the End Times

-Dr. Lynn Hiles

Understanding Matthew 24

-Dr. Jonathan Welton

The Kingdom is Here: Daniel 2

-Dr. Jonathan Welton

The King Has Come: Daniel 9

-Dr. Jonathan Welton

The Ancient Biblical "Ages"

-Dr. Martin Trench

The Bible, Israel, and God's Covenants

The Tabernacle

-Dr. Tony Tudela

Israel's Promises

-Dr. Jonathan Welton

Kingdom Gospel

-Jamie Englehart

From Old to New

-Dr. Jonathan Welton

Relationships, Health, and Humanity

Culture of Honor

-Danny Silk

Mind-Body Connection

-Dr. Caroline Leaf

Human Identity

-Ron Marquardt


-Kirby de Lanerolle


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