3 Spiritual Communication Tools Every Human Should Master (The Path to Enlightenment) – NAC:50

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Implicit within the idea of walking the path to enlightenment is the truth that we all need a guide. Namely, the Spirit of God.

The problem with needing to connect with the Spirit of God as your guide is not that He doesn’t speak to you or She only communicates to super-spiritual people. The problem with connecting with Spirit is that spiritual communication is incredibly subjective, and correspondingly, very difficult to pass on from one person to the next. Every one of us has our own natural bents/skills when it comes to spiritual communication, but very few of us have taken the time or had the privilege to be shown how to master these bents/skills or how to ‘turn on’ new ones.

In this episode, I attempt to share 3 of my favorite spiritual communication tools and help you gain a larger understanding of how spiritual communication works. The truth is, Spirit is ALWAYS speaking to those who know HOW to listen.

In this episode we cover:

  • How to turn on a particular form of Spiritual Communication
  • Tips and tricks about dream interpretation
  • How synchronicities work and how to customize them to fit you
  • The difference between signs and omens and how to use them

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