An Introduction to the New Age Christianity Podcast – NAC:1

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So here we are… finally going public with this crazy idea called “New Age Christianity”.

In full disclosure, this is the first podcast I’ve ever done and I’ve already learned a ton about what improvements I want to make in later episodes, but hey, you have to start somewhere right?


In this first episode, I go over a basic overview of the premise behind New Age Christianity (NAC) and what to expect from this podcast and the NAC community.

Nothing is set in stone and things will continue to change as they need to, but this podcast is intended to be a cornerstone resource for the growth of the NAC community and its ideas.


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    WOW!!! LOVE IT!!! All is WELL SAID, Austin. Great overview of what to expect/definition of NAC, etc. “Soft” spoken, yet direct & clear! Thank SSSOOOO much for what you’re doing for this community, the Kingdom, & those of us who have maturing sonship “ringing” in our ears!! Love you tons! Mom 🙂

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    I will definitely be sharing this. Great intro! 1 technical issue. I was not able to pause without it restarting from the beginning.

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