Q & A #1: Politics, Jesus, and the NAC Vision – NAC:13

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This is the first ‘Question and Answer’ episode for the NAC Podcast. Every few weeks or so, we want to engage with the NAC audience in this format in order to continue building a complete identity around the concepts of NAC and its community.

In this episode I address 3 specific questions that I have been asked about previous episodes:

  1. If all we are supposed to do in our quest for a ‘perfect world’ is focus on the good, how does that actually address all of the bad that’s currently going on? In other words… How do we start to fix things NOW?
  2. What are we supposed to do with all of the other religions and the idea that Jesus is ‘non-negotiable’?
  3. What are some of the details about the continued growth of NAC and its vision?

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