The Powerful Path for Dominant Personalities (The Path to Enlightenment) – NAC:42

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In the first episode of this series we discussed what enlightenment is and why there are multiple paths that we can take to get there. In this episode, we continue the discussion by diving deeper into the enlightenment journey through the lens of the DISC Personality Profile.

In the DISC Personality Profile, the “D” stands for ‘Dominant’. Dominant personalities, like all personalities, have specific traits that make them tick. They like to move fast, take charge, know their boundaries, and change their environment. There is hardly a major world leader in history that didn’t have a significant amount of ‘D’ in their makeup.

In this episode we cover:

  • What a Dominant (D) is
  • The pros and cons of being a ‘D’
  • The best tools (according to Austin Fletcher) for D’s to use in their journey to find enlightenment
  • The role of Radical Honesty as a tool for freedom
  • What traditional ‘enlightenment’ concepts probably won’t work for a ‘D’

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