Weekly Meeting #19 – Death and Immortality, Law of Attraction Troubleshooting

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August 5, 2018

In this weeks meeting we cover two primary topics:

1. Death, Hell, Immortality, and What's Next

What is the second death spoken of in the book of Revelation? If there is a second death, what's the first death? If there is a first and second death, is there a third one? We discuss all of these questions, and more specifically, how they relate to the current experience of humanity and where humanity is going (hint... immortality).

2. The Law of Attraction - Troubleshooting

While it is certainly not an exhaustive discussion on troubleshooting challenges with the Law of Attraction, we do cover quite a few issues surrounding how to address your expectations regarding the things you're trying to attract, as well as how to enter into the reality that "feeling is the secret" when you struggle to "feel" yourself into the future.

Personally... I took notes myself on this one!

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